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Have you dreamed of being a makeup artist since the first days when you got caught playing in your mom's makeup box? There is no time like the present to get started on the makeup degree you have always dreamed of. A makeup university can take the every day average skill that you possess and turn it into a viable career.

The first step towards your makeup degree is choosing the right makeup artistry school. You can even look into permanent makeup schools if you want to specialize in that field alone or use it as an extra marketable skill that you can use in addition to your regular make up degree.

The right makeup artists school will include such subjects as makeup theory, technique, and science. It is a common misconception that it takes little brain power to be a makeup artist or beauty consultant. You have to familiar with many different kinds of chemicals and natural products and know how they react to each other. You need to know anatomy and be knowledgeable about the human body and it's largest organ-the skin.

When you consider that there are 49 face shapes, 36 lip combinations, and 24 eye combinations (not including Asian shapes) in the human anatomy you realize that it takes a lot of knowledge and skill to know exactly how makeup should be worn. When you factor in skin color, skin type, hair color, eye color, eyelash color, length, and density, eyebrow shape and color, nose shape you begin to understand the infinite variability that face today's makeup artist.

The Career possibilities are endless and include:

Many students  go on to other fields such as makeup special effects after having mastered the makeup artists skills obtained at a quality makeup school. The versatile aspects of these skills make this a perfect choice for those who want the flexibility that comes from working for themselves




   Image Consulting                       

         Learn to create the the total look. Improve your self-image and get trained by industry professionals.

   Special Courses With Limited Enrollment  

      Complete Make Up Artistry Program
     Beauty and Fashion Application
     Fashion and Photo Shoot Make Up                                                                                                       
     Special Effects Cosmetic Specialist
     Comprehensive courses and in application,
      and proper use of product and color.  


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